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CMP Scientific

CMP Scientific, Corp. offers the following services:


CMP Scientific, Corp. is a provider of a full spectrum of mass spectrometry-based analytical solutions. Our state-of-the-art CE-MS technologies and dedicated professionals in the field ensure the quality of our work.

1.1 CE-MS Method development

We have proven track record of helping big pharma develop CE-MS method for drug analysis.

1.2 CE-MS Ion Source OEM

We provide OEM service for our CE-MS ion source product. Please contact us for collaboration projects and sublicensing opportunities.

1.3 Protein Sequencing

Protein identification with high-resolution and high-mass accuracy tandem mass spectrometry (FT-CID, HCD, FT-ETD). Protein de novo sequencing using multiple enzyme digestion; validation of de novo sequencing results by subsequent peptide mapping and intact mass analysis.

1.4 Proteomics Research

Comprehensive PTMs analysis for tissue and cell lysates: phosphorylation, glycosylation, etc.

1.5 Therapeutic Protein Characterization

Reduced and non-reduced peptide mapping;


Interested in learning CE-MS? Please contact us for our two-day CE-MS Training in our lab located in Brooklyn, New York city.

2.1 CE-MS lab course

2.2 CE-MS on-site troubleshooting


nanoLC column OEM packing

The nanoLC columns packed by CMP Scientific, Corp. have been used in many mass spec facilities in the US. Please contact us for our nanoLC column OEM manufacturing service.